Things to Consider When Going to Holiday Cottage With Children

Many adults who went on holiday with their parents as kids always say the beautiful memories remained. If you want to have a good bonding experience with your children, do not leave them behind when going to a holiday cottage. You must be thinking it will be a stressful experience, considering children can be a handful yet a holiday cottage is supposed to give the ultimate relaxation experience. Well, going on a holiday with children does not have to be stressful especially if you plan well.

Holidaying With Children

  • Consider the size of holiday cottage: Children will enjoy space where they are running around freely. Most cottages are relatively smaller for an intimate experience. Make sure you have looked at the size of the cottage you are planning to book and noted that there will be enough rooms and space for the children to play and sleep.
  • Bring toys: The ideal situation is for the time at the holiday cottage to be spent bonding and playing together. You should also create some time when the children are distracted with something else so that you relax. Carry their favourite toys. Try to limit screentime so that they do not get health complications from watching too much TV or being on their computer.
  • Look at surrounding area: Children thrive in colour and adventure. While going to a quiet holiday cottage in the middle of nowhere might be an ideal space for an adult who wants to do some self-reflection, it will be extremely boring for children. Find a holiday cottage that has some interesting things like being near a water body, forest, or rocks that would interest young people.

If you are able to afford help, bring a nanny along. You can also inquire if you can get child care services near the holiday cottage so that you do not spend the whole time running after children.