Items to Have in a Holiday Cottage

A holiday cottage is one of the best things you can own. Having a place where you can escape to and get away from the daily harshness of life, albeit momentarily, is simply awesome.

If you cannot afford a holiday cottage at the moment, because life often puts us in such situations, you should not use that as an excuse for not having an enjoyable holiday. There are numerous cottages available on a rental basis, which actually makes sense, because why struggle to own a place you will only use once or twice a year?

This article focuses on the furnishings you need to have in your (own or rented) holiday cottage. They’re straightforward items which are easy to get, but that will go a long way in improving your holiday mood.


Whether you are building, buying or renting a holiday cottage, the seating in it will be a key feature. The couch is the first spot you land on when you get into the house, and probably the one item you spend most of your time on. You should look out for simple yet comfy seats before you settle in.

If you are renting, it is always great to give the seats a touch of your personality with some decorations. Using an ikea Karlstad sofa cover is one of the easiest ways to achieve this.


Holidays are a great time to reach out to the soul, and what better way to do that than through art. When you furnish your holiday cottage, you should always include pieces of art which you can look at and draw inspiration or deep thoughts from.

Simple items such as drawings and carvings are easy to install even if you are renting. They can be hauled easily without making your luggage substantially bigger.

Warm Covers

It is funny that most trips to a cottage coincide with the cold season. While most people remember to carry warm attire for outdoor activities in the cold weather, they don’t give as much priority to warm covers. Perhaps they rely too much on lighting a fire.

But nothing beats the comfort of a warm cover. It should be top among the list of things you look out for when settling for a holiday cottage.

Mattress Covers

Some people don’t feel comfortable sharing some items with others. Given that the bed is the most intimate place in the cottage, it is important to give everyone that custom feel by letting them have their own mattress cover. The covers can be themed to give a particular mood to the specific person who is using that bed.

There may be more items which you would love to be customised in a holiday cottage, but the above are the important ones. Once these are sorted, you are guaranteed a great holiday.