One of the important factors to consider when deciding on a holiday cottage to stay in is the facilities that it has. This is especially true for those people who are part of a big family group. For these people, it is imperative that the cottage has enough bathroom facilities on-site. This is the reason that cottages with en-suite bathrooms have become so popular in recent years.

The rise in reliance on electronic devices has meant that electrical outlets have also increased in demand. Each room needs to have at least one outlet to charge these devices. Internet connectivity is also essential. Guests will usually want to have Wi-Fi enabled in the cottage. Not only should this be high speed, but it should also be reliable enough to be used by all the guests simultaneously.

For self-catering properties, it is essential that there is a working oven. Along with this, the kitchen should also have all the necessary cooking implements and tools stocked. Not having these available, can affect the rating, a visitor gives to comparison review sites when their stay is over.

Rooms often need to have hairdryers in place for guests, after they have had a shower or bath. Other often overlooked items for rooms can include ironing boards, full-length mirrors and hot drink packets. Knowing all the important things to leave in rooms, will distinguish an excellent holiday cottage from the lesser ones.

It is also crucial for safety reasons to have an emergency supply kit in place. This should be easily accessible if it is needed. This can include medical and first aid supplies, a torch in case of power cuts and a radio.