For Writers

For years, holiday cottages have been favourite places for professional writers to stay at. These properties allow a writer to focus their mind solely on their work, and nothing else. Some of the most significant pieces of popular literature have been created at these holiday homes.

One of the biggest issues for people in this profession is the fact that the modern world is full of distractions. By getting away from their regular lives, a person can focus on their writing in peace. Many famous authors utilised this method to create their work in isolation.

Interestingly, some of the cottages stayed at by well-known writers are still standing. In fact, modern day vacationers can often pay to stay in them. These include properties frequented by D H Lawrence, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Roald Dahl.

Modern writers continue to book holiday cottages. Those who wish to do so will typically use a website. It gives them an added sense of convenience. However, it is essential to know about the local area before doing so. This is to prevent booking somewhere that has high noise pollution, and other potential distractions.