Of all the countryside locations in the UK to spend a relaxing vacation, Cambridge is one of the most attractive. It has a rich, diverse history and world-renowned charm. There are plenty of comfortable holiday cottages to choose from. Getting to know Cambridge before booking, will help a person decide which area of the city is the best to stay in.

The cottages within the centre of Cambridgeshire tend to be the most expensive. They are worth the extra price, as they offer a fantastic location to stay in. Most of the cheaper properties are further north. The greater the distance from the city, the lower the prices tend to be. There are fewer cottages south of Cambridge. The problem with this area is that visitors will need their own personal transport to access popular tourist destinations.

It is tempting to go for a cheaper cottage, as they are often in quaint rural environments. This is undoubtedly a great choice for those who want to see the lesser known, localised parts of the county. However, vacationers should be aware that the city itself has its own picturesque charm, that is well worth exploring.

The majority of holiday cottages within Cambridge are self-catering. There are many bed and breakfast establishments; however, these are less prevalent. Visitors should be aware that they will likely be responsible for their own meals when staying in most holiday homes in this area. Therefore, it is useful to choose a location that is not too isolated. If the property is far from any eateries or shops, then this can cause an issue.

Where to stay will also depend on the activities that the visitor wants to try out. Punting is one of the most popular things to do when in this county. Several places hire out punting boats. If this is something that a tourist wants to spend most of their vacation doing, then they may consider staying close-by to a boating site.

Visitors should also be aware that this activity is extremely popular during the summer, and that they should book up in advance when possible. A handy tip is to choose a hire company that is on the outskirts of the city. That way, a person will have more luck booking for their desired date.

Most of the well-known sights in Cambridge are within the centre of the city. For this reason, people may wish to stay in a cottage that is relatively close to this area. Luckily, the public transport system within the county is reasonably reliable. Frequent bus and train services go through the outskirts of Cambridge. This means that staying in a cottage further away will not be a problem.